Posted: February 7, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I was out on outpost duty a couple of nights ago and got beautifully wet, all I was able to do was to dig a hole to get out of the wind, and sit in it with my blankets and oilsheet round me. The last twenty four hours I have put in on guard. We tried that cocoa and milk for tea last night, it went very well. The tobacco has made a great hit, have been smoking it at the rate of a plug a day. After giving a couple of plugs away I am left with one now. I think the only parcel I haven’t received that you have sent in the last six months, is the Christmas tin box. From all accounts it would be worth getting too.

I had my hair cut (or shorn) last night. It is one of the old time fore and aft clips. All in out tents have had a similar clip, and with a palm branch or two, people might easily be misled by our appearance.

Murray Fowler has come back again, he left us at Serapeum and went to the hospital. I forgot what was wrong with him. Fordham has got a job as clerk on Divisional H.Q’s., rather a good job. Do you remember Dr. Dean Dawson of Pirie? He used to play football for Norwood’s. He is our M.O. at present. He joined us at Tel-el-Kebir and is very popular.

Have just finished the last installment of tobacco, it was very good, and while it lasted I was a great favorite. I’ll tell you what you can send sometime. I broke my pipe this morning, but have one of the original ones left still, and it will keep me going sometime, also tobacco is always acceptable, as well as eatables etc. Have just received that pair of sox Mollie knitted, they were wrapped up in a Mail of the 28/8/15. It came for me whilst I was away from the Peninsular, and went back to the Base.

Well as there is no more news I will say goodbye,
Lots of love


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