General Murray

Posted: January 26, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Your letters of 5th and 6th Dec. to hand. I received that parcel of blades O.K. It is funny whenever I buy anything it is sure to turn up. At Lemnos I bought shaving soap and toothpaste – the next mail they both came in a parcel. I bought a dozen blades and a manifold book – today I got the blades with the book, advised by the same mail.

Kinnie and I finished our leave quite successfully. I managed to get through a few pounds. I weighed myself and got the shock of my life – only went 13-11, the previous time I weighed I was 12-7.

I saw George McNeilage and Johnny Walker today. They are in the 18th Field Artillery. Cairo was fairly dead and the camp is as bad. This is an enormous camp, and there are about 28 battalions camped along it. On the outskirts are A.M.C., Bakery, Engineers, Artillery, and A.S.C. details. This is only a portion of the crown here too. Egypt holds an enormous army here now.

The first division was reviewed by General Murray, the new Commander-in-Chief of all forces in Egypt, on Saturday. It was a fine sight. There as a string of Artillery just about a mile long, then A.S.C. details, and about 15,000 Infantry. We gave the general salute and then marched past in column of platoons. There was particularly a forest of steel when all the bayonets were fixed, and they looked fine when the sun caught them.

Well people I must away.

Tons of love to you all,


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