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Posted: December 21, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Today was supposed to have been our Battalion Sports, but all through the night a very nasty dust storm was blowing, and today it has rained like fun. I was only thinking today what a little rain we have had since we have been on this job. I don’t suppose we have had over twenty wet days. I know we have had very few parades dismissed through rain.

I saw Pat Auld and Jim Loudan from the 4th A.M.C. yesterday, also Eric Issacsen from the 5th Field Bakery. Did I tell you we have Ned Joyce, who used to row 5 in the Murray Bridge eight, in my platoon. We haven’t had an argument over rowing yet. Also we have Eric Mitchell in the company. He used to play with Quaker Moffat in the Sturt Lacross team. I didn’t enter for any of the events for today as there were cash prizes – not worth risking my amateur status.

I sent the only spool I had taken on the Peninsular to be developed. I got two of the films back the other day they are very good. One shows DuRieu, Jones, and Beames in a dug out. Jonah is investigating his shirt, and Beames is writing a letter. The other is a photo of Turkish Trenches taken over a parapet. It shows all the interesting land marks round our way. There is the mountain called Pashs Dagh, with its sharp nose called the Razor-back. Nearer is the famous Gun-ridge, then Weir-ridge, and quite close is Pine-ridge. In the near foreground is one of our barbwire. It was a wonder I got anything at all as the 75 degrees and some shrapnel was flying over the trenches at the time, and I can tell you I didn’t waste any time over it.


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