Lemnos Island

Posted: December 20, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Today (8/12/15) has been a momentous day with us here. First of all a whole lot of promotions came out and then there was a very respectable issue of gift stuff from the people of Walkerville. I remember reading of the fete or gift day and today we reaped the benefit. When it was split up into platoons and sections we got a very good showing for 13 men. Our lot was 9 Bootlaces, 17 Pencils, 7 handkerchiefs, 3 pairs Socks, 5 Soap, 4 Tobacco (Plugs), 1 Pipe, 3 Toothbrushes, 1 tin Insect Powder, 6 Face-cloths, 1 Scarf, 1 tin Shaving Powder, 1 Buttons, 3 Towels, 6 Pads, 3 Envelopes (packets), 1 block Chewing Gum, a number of safety pins, and quite a number of Cigarettes. It was mostly a gamble what we got, but I managed to draw pretty well. I got a face-cloth, block Soap, tin of Tobacco, Pad, Toothbrush, and some Chocolate. It was particularly interesting to me as the names showing on the cards were, Mrs.H.P.Wilson, Mr.W.S.Bright, Wm.DeRose, Mrs and Miss Dowling, Miss. Inez Adams, Mrs.G.Brookman, Mrs. Fred Porter, Mrs. R.Brummitt, Mrs.A.A.Scarfe, Mr. Bright, and numerous others who I know by sight, name, or personally. I have no doubt there are dozens of others I know but haven’t run across their cards. No doubt yours is here somewhere.

With reference to the promotions, I will continue with my tale. First of all No.148 was promoted to Sergeant from Lance Sergeant. Jonah is a corporal from temporary cpl., George Beames is a Lance Sergeant, Frank Colbey a full Sergeant, Barker who used to be in my tent at Mena is a Lance Corporal. In my platoon there is a Lance Sergeant (Charlie Long). He is a fine chap – used to be a photographer for the Critic. My Corporal is a chap named Harrison, both he and Long were capsized out of that boat we landed on the 25/4/15. I notice I mentioned it in my letter published in the P.A. Chronicle. They were in the water about half an hour before they were picked up. I have a couple of lance Corporals, W. Pendle and Annis – both very decent chaps. There were promotions galore. About 20 to each Company. They’re bringing us to establishment.

Bill Jose had the stiffest luck of the lot. He has been on the Peninsular all the time, and was a temporary cpl.. Two days ago he went to the hospital with jaundice. As soon as he left the regiment he reverted to the rank of Lance Corporal, and today the promotions came out. He had been hanging out for these too.

I am pretty well stocked with clothes now, the drill etc has been doing wonders with us too towards getting us fit again. I am feeling very well. A trifle short winded perhaps, but still full of life. I am out to get fat here if I can. We get very good meals up at the mess now. Dinner generally consists of Soup, Meat and vegetables, Pudding, Bread and Butter, Jam and Cheese. Not bad eh!


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