8 December – football

Posted: December 20, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Everything has become normal again. We have been having good weather for quite a long while now. Not particularly bright, but fairly warm and dry. There is quite a lot of football played. The 10th and 11th played, which the 10th won, and then the 10th and 12th played, and after a very good game the 10th won by 7 points. Today A and B Companies are playing the A.M.C. I haven’t seen any of it yet, let alone played at all. I find I have quite enough to do here with my platoon.

That parcel that the bank made up is here. It hasn’t been handed out yet but I have heard of it. We got a small pay today of 30/- Sergeants and 20/- other ranks. It won’t go far here when the prices are so high.

We have Capt. Redburg in command of A co., and he is much the same as ever. Lieut. Colonel Beavor is in command of the battalion. I am afraid he hasn’t altered much either. By the way if you ever send any goods in tins, send some toothpaste will you please. It is a most useful and also very scarce commodity. I forgot to tell you that the effect of my promotion is that my pay is altered, a whole sixpence a day deferred. Well I am afraid that the news has run out.

Love to all Lance.


Notes: this entry and the one prior were marked 8 December, but it feels like the dates may have actually been different.


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