At Lemnos

Posted: November 25, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Well we have done it at last. We are at Lemnos, and supposed to be having a —– of a good time. We embarked Sunday night after a very trying march through the cold and rain, carrying all our gear. We were put on the Princess Ena, a small cross channel boat. The weather was very rough and cold, we were cooped up for about 36 hours.

On Tuesday morning we landed here. We are living in big marquee tents, about 30 to a tent. So far we have been treated very leniently with drill. Tucker is pretty fair and we are managing to endure the life after the firing line. There are cricket and football grounds etc. There are reinforcements for us too, the 8th, 9th and 10th, they just about double our strength. Gordon Campbell and Colin Smith, also Capt. Redburg are here. The two former in charge of various reinforcements. Capt. R. has been in England since the landing and is in charge of “A” Coy.

We got an issue of a bottle of Guinness Stout each last night. Roars of applause, and loud cries of “encore”.

I received a large mail, letters dated 26/9/15, 30/9/15, 3/10/15, various papers and parcels. The parcels are greatly appreciated, eatables, and smokes, and small articles go best of all. Faulty packing seems to be the greatest cause for the parcels straying. We get some torn to ribbons. Dr John Muirhead sent me a packet of cigarettes the other day. He is at Anzac.

I am platoon Sgt. For no. 2 platoon at present. Plenty of work.

The Olympic and Aquetania are here, sister ships to the Lusitania – big four funnellers, 50,000 tons. The Aquetania is a hospital ship and the Olympic a trooper.

All the boys are quite well. I heard that Edwards from the Port was looking for me – haven’t seen him yet.

Love to all


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