Posted: November 18, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Well, we are still here. We never seem to move when we expect. Mother’s birthday today – many happy returns, will try and be home for the next one. It has been a perfect day today one worthy of your birthday. The weather has been very unsettled for several days, and today it all blew over. I have never seen the air so clear. There has been plenty of sunshine, but not too much. The atmosphere was so clear that it was possible to see all the islands. To the left was Lemnos, then Imbros, Samothrace, above that was the shores of Turkey, and beyond that what I took to be Bulgaria. To the left of that was, I fancy, the island of Samos. With the glasses I could see a town on the Turkish coast. To add to the beauty of the day there was not so much “strafe” going on.

Fleas are still our greatest enemies, I am sudden death on them now, at first they were able to elude me but now I am far too experienced for them. They aren’t your domestic black flea either, but big red camel-backed ones. I managed to get a tin of Keatings the other day, and have been able to keep them at bay for a while. I managed to get my old rifle back a day of two ago. I had to leave it behind when I went away sick. Dill Jose had it and I swapped the one I had issued to me at Mustapha.

The Bulletin published a letter written from here describing a night attack:- “An assault by night is generally one confused mass of Turks, Australians, bombs, rifles, maxims, flares a —– of a row, and a mixture of voices yelling Allah! Allah!, and take that you——. It licks Ashmead Bartlett and Bean on points of description. It is too dark to write (5.15p.m.) so must say goodnight.


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