November 8

Posted: November 11, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Business as usual! Health excellent!! Weather perfect !!! Vermin rotten!!!!!

I have finished my tour of Orderly Sergeant and am back in the platoon again. I am not sorry, as there was just a trifle too much work for my liking.

We received a big mail yesterday. I received several letters and piles of papers, but strange to say not any letters from you people.

The Turkish and Australians “hates” have been very consistent lately – in their times and heaviness. I was in a dug out a couple of days ago, when Fritz (Turkish Aeroplane) dropped a bomb in very close proximity. My word talk about earthquakes, it nearly threw me off my perch, and the noise felt like a knife going out of the other. As usual no damage was done. It is a fine sight to see our Howitzers tearing off the face of Gallipoli, especially when those chunks are usually occupied by Orientals.

Murray Fowler introduced me to Lieut. Hooper this morning, he mentioned having met father at the P.A.C. Collegians farewell. I am going to try and make some rissoles out of bully beef and bread crumbs.


P.A.C. – Prince Alfred College, Adelaide


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