“Lady Galway Road”

Posted: November 4, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

We have just about settled down at last. I am living with the Sergeant Major temporarily, and have a very good dugout. There is a very fine road leading from Artillery Road right up to the firing line. It is all underground, and is used for Ambulance work – two stretchers can pass in it easily. It runs right through tow hills. They have named it “Lady Galway Road”.

In one portion of it there is a boot sticking out of the side. Several chaps have grabbed hold of it, and tried to pull it out. One chap even got his foot against the side of the tunnel to get more leverage before he found out that there was a Turk inside the boot.

In another portion of our lines there is a place all sand bagged up, when the trench was being dug they unearthed four pairs of boots with spurs on. Their sense of smell told them that the boots were occupied. They had to dig round that portion. There is a tunnel on the left with a bony hand reaching out from the roof. If you aren’t careful it will pull tour hat off as you walk through. A cemetery at night will have no ghosts for me after this lot.


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