Orderly sergeant this week

Posted: November 2, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

We received a mail today composed of letters and papers that had been side tracked somewhere. I got a lot of letters that had been sent back to Alexandria in mistake, also a whole lot of old newspapers. They were nearly all dated early in August. Jonah received a letter from Coffey yesterday, saying he was in Birmingham, and having a pretty good time.

We were all very much surprised to hear of Guy Taylor’s death. He died on the 6th of last month. He had a sore on his foot and I suppose septic poisoning set in.

I am orderly sergeant this week. It isn’t a bad sort of job. I have a very fair dug out, and have only to warn fatigue parties and parade them to the Regimental Sergeant Major. Everything is very quiet here, Jacko the Turk, very seldom has much to say. We are right into the caveman age again. We have long tunnels with dug outs on either side, with beds cut out of earth. Each one is lit up with a grease slush lamp, and when looked after can be quite comfortable. A few tins of insect powder wouldn’t go amiss up here. Also I am short of cotton again, black and kahki thread is the most serviceable.


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