The whole life and general conditions are just the same

Posted: October 30, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

The mail is closing and I am afraid I haven’t any more news to send you.

The whole life and general conditions are just the same as when I left. Trenches, work, food, are just the same, the only change is in the men – some have gone, some have come, and also our pet species of vermin has changed from lice to fleas.

Bill Christopher has turned up, he is in the 7th Reinforcements of the 12th Battalion. I have seen him several times, and last night I had tea with him. It was a slap up feed. Rissoles and gravy, a tin of preserved peaches and a couple of nips of rum – very good for this life. If I had stayed “home” I would have had milkless tea, bully beef and marmalade.

Major Taylor has gone away ill. Jonah, DuRieu, Barker, Colbey, Beames, Murray Fowler, Dick Wilton and Noel Loutit are all ell, also Lieut. Clark and Fordham.

Fordie is company messenger now and has a quite comfortable job. He lives in the Sgt. Major’s dug out, and generally lives well.

It has been quite warm the last couple of days, with the result that we are getting a batch of very sleepy flies. We are expecting a mail shortly, I hope it comes because I want a little late news, my last were all too stale.

The water question is much better now. I suppose it is because we don’t need so much, that it seems more.

I have quite recovered from my touch of dysentery. We have a good Doctor relieving Harry Nott.

Well news has run out.






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