Well, I am at it again

Posted: October 26, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Well, I am at it again. We arrived at Lemnos on the 23rd., and found it awfully cold.

It was quite a sudden shock after Egypt. Lemnos is much the same as ever. On the 24th we transferred to the “El Kahira”, and were brought up here. About 3a.m. we were disembarked and marched up to our lines. It was a gruelling trip as I had an enormous amount of gear, including my black kit bag

Everything is going on the same here as when I left. Old Jonah is still going strong, and as pink as ever.

Fordham, Colbey and Davidson, Lieuts Clark, Fowler and Wilton, are all alive and kicking. Jonah and Beames are temporary Corporals and Colbey is a temporary Sgt. If no other Corporals or Sergeants come back their appointments will be confirmed.

Lieut. Loutit came back the same time as I did, only on another boat, he is in command of “A” Coy.

I have been moved to No. 2 Platoon. Major Beevor is back now, and is in command of the Battalion. Jose is here, and is pretty well.

Our trenches have been very much improved and things are being squared up for the winter. I had a lovely batch of letters waiting for me here. Locker and DuRieu (by the way DuRieu has been back here some weeks now, and is looking O.K.) had been cursing the pile of stuff for me.

I have managed to digest them all a little. It was quite an ordeal reading them – 25 in all. Any sox and woollens etc. were given out to the platoon, as I left instructions. I have the Bulletin Reciter and another book, the periscope, a couple of handkerchiefs, the fly net and any amount of writing paper, also two singlets.

Your news was the first I had had of Edison’s death, very sad wasn’t it!

It seems that most of our parcels come through, only with a lot of delay. A registered parcel came too, but no one could receive it for me. Hope to get it later.

The rest for the 3rd Brigade has been cancelled for some little time. The 1st, 2nd and 4th Brigades are at Lemnos now.

Re Crowie, we have no news here. If you believe every one you see who has been here, he will be buried and resurrected a couple of dozen times. My motto is now, never believe anything unless I can prove it.

Frank had a cousin in the A.M.C., it would most probably be he who was wounded on the 2/5/15. We have the opinion here that every man who has been missing since the first day is dead. It is over six months now, you know.

It is no use writing as I have seen hundreds of his letters in the Base Post Office kicking about.

We get plenty of tobacco here, too much in fact, but a little good tobacco would never go amiss.

I received a letter from the Bank of Adelaide granting me an additional twelve months leave of absence. There has been practically no alteration here since I have been away.

If you write Mr Logan again, remember me to him, will you. C—– is likely to strike trouble if he comes back here. He hasn’t been here since the first day – has been malingering in Egypt all the time. The boys here have no time for a man who doesn’t play the game.

Coffey has gone to England, I must have just missed him. The sudden change of temperature from Alexandria to Lemnos brought back a touch of my old complaint. I got some medicine today and hope to be all right tomorrow.

Well I am afraid I haven’t much news to tell you. I wasn’t able to read all your letters closely enough to be able to answer them properly.

By the way Amber doesn’t know anything about Crowie, as he was asking me what became of him when I was wounded before. The returned wounded soldiers appear to be spreading a lot of yarns etc. I bet there will be some awful battles fought in the “back parlours”.

Many thanks for all those parcels you sent ( a nice big lump of the roof has just slid down my neck).


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