We have been at sea 24 hours

Posted: October 21, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

We have been at sea 24 hours. Tuesday afternoon we were all taken off of the Borda, and put on this boat. She is an Atlantic transport Liner, running cattle from U.S.A. to England. There are a lot of troops on board of all regiments. As soon as we came on board I butted in and saw the Purser, with the result that I have a berth in a saloon cabin – very nice too. We dine in the saloon an hour before the Officers. It is quite a change to the usual manner of moving about.

The “Minneapolis’ is a fast boat and we ought to pick up Lemnos before very long, unless , of course, we run out of our course very much.

I have managed to fall into work with my usual amount of luck. It is another guard. The worst of it is, that it is a permanent guard. I am working to 6 to 10 shift night and morning. There is one good thing about it, it keeps me in good condition all the time, racing round after my sentries.

Up till now we have had splendid weather, the sea is dead calm. I have found my watch and torch exceedingly useful for guard work. The torch is particularly useful in crawling round the boat when all lights are extinguished.

There are a few other little articles that are coming in useful again. That suit of pyjamas and pair of sandshoes that I brought from Australia are again being much appreciated. They have been stowed in my black kit bag for the last six months. It is exactly one year and one day since we sailed from South Australia. I can tell you I will be pleased to rejoin the Battalion again.

It is seven weeks since I had any letters or heard any news at all.

Well don’t suppose anything is likely to happen between now, and tomorrow, as I will close.

By the way to prepare against submarine attacks we have to wear life belts day and night. It is very nice especially in this close climate, although it is getting cooler since we have left Alexandria.

From Lance.


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