Feel quite willing to go back and be made a martyr again

Posted: October 19, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Well we are on the move again. Saturday we were warned to embark on Monday morning. I spent Saturday and Sunday in much the same manner as the rest of the week. Saturday Bunny and I went to the Albagni Theatre at the Jardin Rosette. It wasn’t much of a programme, of course we had our dinner and supper as usual. I reckon I am in pretty good condition. Everyone tells me I am looking fine. I am feeling good too, and feel quite willing to go back and be made a martyr again.

Yesterday after a lot of messing about we were eventually put on board this boat, she isn’t bad – the P. & O. Branch line. Through some mistake we were put on her wrongfully, and we have to disembark again today, and go on board the Minneapolis. I suppose we will get off in a few days. I am quite used to messing about a boat now-a-day. I reckoned it up today, and find that I have spent 131 days on board different vessels. I have been on the Ascanius, Ionian, Seang Choon, Osmanieh, El Kahira, Maldavia, Huntsend, Karoa, and Borda, besides two fleet sweepers, I don’t know the names of.

I am taking my black bag back with me. Have plenty of clothes, smokes, etc. for the boys up there.

Well I expect my letters will get a little disorganized from now on. I expect to stay at Lemnos a month or two now. There has been a big row about the Dardanelles Post, so I expect the mail conditions will improve a good deal.

Am enclosing a programme of the Jardine Rosette, printed in Arabic. You ought to understand it.


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