I am just beginning to feel myself again

Posted: October 12, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

I am just beginning to feel myself again. Have been feeling “tip-top” the last couple of days. I ran across Bert Cook  the other day. He is out at a place called Meve, with the transport.

I have had rather a good time the last couple of days. Cook took me out to some English peoples houses. I went to a very nice place Sunday. Mr and Mrs Chevalier and family. There was one little girl about twelve years old. She is a bonza little kiddy – you would think she was about twenty, the way she discussed matters. She was very interested in a book of Adelaide views someone had given her. I had to explain all the different places etc. to her. Last night I went to a Mr and Mrs Allan’s to dinner. They have a flat not far from here. It was a treat to get a decent English dinner again. After dinner we played ping-pong, sounds rather ridiculous doesn’t it, but they go in for the thing properly. They have a special wooden table in the hall, and if played correctly isn’t half bad a game.

I drew 5 pounds pay yesterday, and made various purchases, among them a rather nice little watch with luminous face, and a copy of David Copperfield “Hypatia”, and “The Vicar of Wakefield”. I invested 40 pounds in the War Fund, soldiers get a special concession of 8d in every 5 pounds, therefore I bought my 40 pounds worth for 39 pounds 14 and eight, and it is to pay 41/2%.

Major Lorenzo is here now waiting to go back with us. Harry Nott is in hospital, he is run down.

Eric Young was at Malta the last I heard of him, Moyse is looking well. I ran across Denamn yesterday, he is here with the horses. His father is coming with the Artillery.

We get some very good swimming just about here. There is a sandy shore with a reef about thirty yards forming a rather good swimming hole in between.

No news of leaving yet,

Goodbye, love to all,




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