I am not the least bit interested in Alexandria

Posted: October 6, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

I have been blowing round the town, on my own. I am not the least bit interested in Alexandria.

There doesn’t seem to be much to see, and nowhere to go to. I got a very nice torch for half a sovereign. I am going to get a watch if I can get enough money. I have had awful fights to get any pay at all, one would think I was asking them to lend it to me, instead of giving me my just dues. The Military owe me 45 pounds, without deferred or allotted pay.

I expect to get away on Saturday the 8th, and I will be very glad too. I have had a most miserable time since I left the Peninsular, I don’t feel better either. Up on the Peninsular we are treated like men, but here we are made as uncomfortable as possible, generally by whelps who haven’t done any fighting, and don’t intend to either. My word there is a very strong feeling against the men who take these safe comfortable base jobs. Well, enough of this growling – I will go and buy a volume of Dickens and sooth my temper. I bought Hard Times a couple of days ago. I notice you have some of the wounded home now, I bet there will be some wonderful tales told.


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