Marked for Active Service

Posted: September 22, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Tuesday night several of us went for a walk to St Paul’s Bay. It is about 21/2 miles from here. It is here that St Paul landed, or rather was shipwrecked. There is a statue of him in the main street. The town, or village, is called Melita. There is only one street of any note, shops and houses are on either side for about a mile. The harbour is rather pretty. The Landing stages are out of solid rock, with stone steps leading down to the water’s edge.

There is a very pretty little church – the church of the Virgin Mary. Inside is a big figure of Mary with Jesus in her arms, in silver. Candles are burning in big candlesticks, and there are quite a number of good paintings on the walls.

It was a lovely moonlight walk, and by the time we reached camp again we had done about seven miles. I can tell you I was pretty tired. My legs are fairly weak yet.

On either side of the road are stone walls. In one place it is very pretty. The wall rose to a height of about 20 ft., and was built on the “arch and pillar” system. The moon threw shadow across the road and with a few trees it formed a delightful picture.

I have been marked for Active Service, and am waiting to be sent to one of the Forts around the Grand Harbour.


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