Another landing

Posted: September 5, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

The Tommies have made another landing at Suvla Bay, and had a pretty hot time, also at the same time our left swung round a little. We were very lucky, we were the first battalion that didn’t move, all left of us advanced as far as they could, which wasn’t far. The Turks are putting up a marvellous fight of it. There is none of that bolting helter-skelter from an attack. They are well up in all the little tricks of the game too. The trouble with our men is that they have been there too long. They are all getting sick, and not one of them are still in it. The men are played out absolutely. That hard training we did at Mena has counted a lot for us. None of the reinforcements had it of course and they no sooner set foot on the Peninsular than they go away again sick. Dysentery seems to be the prevailing trouble. The Doctors have pronounced us, as a body, not fit for duty, but still they don’t relive them.

We are very short-handed too. We should number 56 in the platoon, and we have only 30 odd, it comes very hard on the few who are left, especially if they aren’t fit to do the work.


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