A roaring trade

Posted: August 28, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

The last week has been quite a gay one. I told you of all the parcels and papers I received on Wednesday, well Thursday our much talked of canteen ship arrived. There have been several attempts to get one here with stores to sell to the troops whatever stores there were Division bought up and divided amongst the battalions and companies. Our Platoon got about 4.10.0 worth of various stuff which was sold to the men. There were pickles and sauce, cigarettes, pipes, tobacco, matches, tinned foods, biscuits, and a whole lot of sundries. Sergt. Colby and I bought a pretty fair stock between us. We got a bottle of pickles, sauce, matches, tobacco, a tin of margarine, tinned meat, biscuits, and one or two little articles that will help to enliven our life here a little. The prices were all very reasonable, and we did a roaring trade for a while.

Yesterday the remainder of our mail came in, and I did well with letters as usual. When DuRieu went away I gave a sovereign to spend in case he didn’t draw pay. Yesterday I got several parcels from Egypt containing 3 pipes, 50 Abdulla cigarettes, 50 three-castles, a tin of Turkish Delight, a tin of Crawford’s biscuit wafers, and a cigarette lighter. There was no sender’s name so I can only conclude that DuRieu sent them on. It was very good of him to think of sending them on, and I can tell you we are all having a good time with all this stuff on hand.

Your letters start about the beginning of July and run on to the 14th. I expect for all your lying awake at night you don’t lose half as much sleep as we do here. I have learnt to exist on about three hours sleep per night now. If I ever cable for money it would most probably be through Cooks, or some such firm.

I hear Bonnie Muirhead is coming away with a commission, he would make a good Officer.

I sometimes feel my arm a little weak and sore if I try to lift anything with it, but otherwise it is alright.

It was very hard luck Capt. Holmes being killed. He was wounded by Beachy Bill on the beach, and had very little chance from the first, although of course he had attention. We saw very little of him after he left the platoon. Capt. Lance Lewis went away ill a few days ago I believe.


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