My promotion

Posted: August 18, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

No doubt you are getting tired of the “no news” squeak, but when one is limited in the distribution of news it is very hard to know what to say.

Everything is very quiet here now, although of course everyone wonders what is wrong if we don’t hear a shot for a few minutes. I have one little bit of news that may gladden your hearts. My promotion to Lance Sergeant came out yesterday. Davey was promoted to Lance Corporal, Frank Colbey is to be full Sergeant, but it hasn’t come through yet. He is to be platoon Sergeant. Jim Davidson is a full Sergeant, he was platoon Sergeant for No. 4 platoon, but he is acting Quartermaster Sergeant now, so you see what is left of our old crowd now is gradually getting along a little.

A Lance Sergeant is very little different to a full Sergeant. He has full Sergeant’s privileges, there being an additional 6d. deferred pay per day. Mr.Clark is shaping very well as an Officer.

There is some lovely scenery about here. Some evenings, and mornings too good and beautiful to be at war. I look out over the sea at sunset, the island of Imbros is a little to our left front, generally fairly blurred in a purple mist, to the right is the Island of Samothrace towering up onto the clouds. The sun always sets just behind this island, and as it gets down it outlines the mountain in a deep rich ruddy light. In the foreground there is always a hospital ship or two, several destroyers (sinister looking shapes) and a small fleet of mine sweepers.


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