Posted: August 14, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Things have settled down into ordinary routine again as far as we are concerned – not that we ever did much, but we all had to be on the “qui vive”> The chief topic of interest lately is a number of promotions for N.C.O’s to the rank of Lieutenant. The men promoted were Sgts. Major Maginis and McCann, Sgts. Gordon (of Unley D.J.G. family) Clark (of our tent) L/Sgt. Inglis, Lce. Cpls. Blackburn (of Woodville) and Mayman. Of course there was the usual amount of dissatisfaction – I fancy there was a little more in some things than appeared on the surface. Everyone was very pleased Clark got his star. He is in charge of our platoon, and it comes very hard to “Mr.” And “Sir” him.

I saw Eastoe yesterday for a couple of moments. He said he had heard Crowie was wounded and managed to get up to where we were, on the fourth day after landing. Another fellow pointed out a body to him and said he was positive it was him, he had no disc on then and mortification had set in. He said of the last eleven cases hit where he was none had survived.

Barker returned to us for a couple of days, only to go away as Batn. Post Office Orderly. He went away with Mr.Holmes as his batman.

Jonah, Fordham, and myself are all still alive and kicking. Haven’t had a wash for about a month, so you can imagine the state we are all in.

Have you been receiving our letters all along?

The weather still keeps very warm although” it has started to freshen at nights.


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