Mixing things pretty freely with Mr.Turk

Posted: August 12, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Just lately our monotonous existence has been changed – not so much with us, but most of the other regiments have been mixing things pretty freely with Mr.Turk, much to his personal danger. I fancy we are in sight of the end here now. I have been feeling pretty fit lately, one gets very weak always living in trenches, especially in the legs.

A mail came in today, so far I have scored a parcel – 2 mails, a Saturday Journal, and Australasian, a P.A.C. Chronicle, and a Bulletin. Not bad papers eh! So far a letter from Mollie, and another from Nora have turned up. I expect yours at any minute.

I mentioned in my last letter that Lieut Fowler has arrived and also Guy Taylor (Major) in the 6th Reinforcements. I got my watch back from Alexandria quite safely – Ben Franklin brought it back. Eric Young was wounded in the leg about a fortnight ago. Glad you received those bullets etc. Letters from yourself, and various others dated 30/8/15 arrived just now. I don’t know any facts re Don Miller’s death. I heard of Arthur Shorney’s death. Jose is quite all right so far. No official or otherwise news of Crowie here. Sorry you didn’t receive the cigarettes – will try some more later.


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