Our life of monotony has been broken

Posted: August 7, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Our life of monotony has been broken at last, and things are getting interesting, and uncertain – unfortunately censorship forbids details. Up to the present we are all well. Jonah, Clark, Fordham, and myself. Lieut. Loutit has gone to hospital for a rest. Lieut Murray Fowler arrived the other day with reinforcements, said he had all sorts of messages for me etc.

Major Taylor (Guy) came with him, but is in “D” Company. Our commander, Capt. Frayne, was killed yesterday worst luck. He was a fine fellow. Capt. Todd is in command now. I got my watch back from Alexandria today, Ben Franklin brought it back with him, he was wounded on the first day – broken arm.

I fancy the way things are going, that we are at the beginning of the end, or the first move to that effect now.

Received news of Cables sent to Old Scholars Dinner yesterday – would rather have had the dinner than the cable.




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