Posted: August 3, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Well it is a funny old place to spend one’s birthday, hope I don’t celebrate my next one here. I am on a well guard at present, it is quite a soft snap, plenty of water and rest. This morning we got a little “Baksheesh” from Mr Turk in the shape of a few 8-2” shells. Several lobbed very near. One landed in a cemetery bear by, disinterred one man, and nearly buried us with dirt, completely spoiling it.

Everyone is getting pretty run down with the continuous work, and quite a number have been lucky enough to get a rest in hospital. DuReiu left for a short spell yesterday, Jonah has had a touch of influenza but hasn’t got away yet. If he goes I will be pretty lonely. Fordham and Clark are both well.

We have a very fine class of Indian here in the mountain batteries. They are fine looking men, and very good natured. I often have a yarn to some of them, and we “salaam” each other several times. Quite often they come down to the trenches with some of their bread or cakes – “chipatties” they call them – just like big pancakes made of meal or crushed corn, and currie. These men make fine soldiers, and some of them are big fine looking men with big bushy beards. Of all the Indians tho’, I like the Gurkhas best. They are short, broad shouldered little men, with broad grins.


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