Posted: July 31, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

It is sometime now since we received our last mail, so I presume one will be along shortly.

Everything is going on the same. A few promotions came out the other day. Jim Davidson is to be lance Sergeant, Frank Colby a corporal, and myself a corporal. I seem to be getting stripes at the rate of one every six months, as it is just six months since my last promotion. My rate of pay will be 10/- per day now, and my work hardly changes at all.

The weather, flies and lice cause us more trouble than all the Turks put together. Water is another trouble. All our water, ever since we have been here, has had to be carried up to the troops in tins from the wells and beach. You will see a string of men with cane dangling round their legs, dodging schrapnel, off for water. We use a lot of shell benzine two gallon tins. It is very hard work getting the full tins up the hills. Some of our men have to do a two miles trip, and carry back four tins each.

I am going strong on the cooking game now. We are always experimenting on the various ways of dishing up biscuits, and we make quite palatable dishes too. All our little crowd is well. Haven’t heard anything of the Legion of Cousins lately – trust they are alright.


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