Too big for the trenches

Posted: July 27, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

That parcel containing socks and pencils arrived for Crowie, I am holding them at present. Fordham came back today, he had been away nearly seven weeks with a whitlow on his hand. He is looking very well. Everything is moving in the same old way. The life here is intensely interesting for about ten days, but after that the gloss wears off, and everything merges into big monotony.

I find that the small man gets on much better in these trenches, than the big man. Everyone says I have got thin, but I still find I am about five sizes too big to move about in comfort. If I am in a tunnel I bump my head, and if I try to pass anyone in a trench I get stuck – in either case I can never miss pulling about half a pound of loose dirt down on to my head which proceeds very nicely down my back.

All the old boys that are left are well. Jonah, DuReiu, Sgt. Clark, Lieut. Loutit. Harry Nott has gone away for a rest. One thing I like about Harry is that he is always out very slick if there is anyone wounded, no matter how much shrapnel is flying. Have been living on bread and milk, boiled onions, billy tea, and fried biscuits today.

Best love to you all,



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