Don’t publish any of my letters

Posted: July 23, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Was very pleased to receive your mail of the 19th  a couple of days ago. I have received all my mail right up to date now. I must have received something like 25 letters this week, if not more. Life is jogging along in the same old way – plenty of work of course. Everyone is getting sick of things here. Most of the fellows are keeping well. DuReiu, Jonah, Jose, Fisher, and Lieut. Loutit, are still going strong. I saw Lieut. Smyth’s grave today. There is a plain cross over it, with the words “In memory of Lieut. R. Owen Smyth, killed in action 1915”, on it.

Ran across ray Wilson and Tom Pollock, also Pat Bennett of Walkerville today. They are all well. Ray is looking very thin on it. Tom gave me three eggs he had managed to commandeer, they were a great luxury, I can tell you.

After some of the letters in the papers, don’t dare to publish any of my letters. All of them are exaggerated and half of them lies. A chap’s pen is apt to run away at times, and I don’t want to be caught napping – it is easy to make a mistake.


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