Digging and Sapping

Posted: July 17, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

The last few days I have been on a permanent digging job. I was in charge of a party driving saps, but now I am acting as quartermaster to all the men digging (56). I think the sapping was the most interesting of the two jobs. We were working in shifts of four hours on and eight off. The short time I was on I learnt quite a lot about mining and engineering. As Q,M. I issue all the rations to the various shifts. The chief advantages are getting a full night’s sleep, and I am practically my own boss.

Everyone is getting heartily sick of this game, it is affecting the men’s spirits too. Jonah had the good luck to be mentioned in despatches for feeding the firing line whilst wounded, in the first few days. He had a nasty clip on the head.

The old original crowd has dwindled down to three of us now, and I don’t even see too much of the other two, DuRieu and Jonah, either now-a-days.

News is very scarce, a couple of bob pipes would be acceptable. Don’t get good ones because they will most probably go astray. I have only the one Flo gave me now.


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