Back again

Posted: July 12, 2015 by tripmanic in 1915

Well we are back again after a very short spell across at Imbros. It was certainly very nice, but hardly long enough. It was nice to be able to get fresh fruit and vegetables. I am afraid we made great havoc of tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, eggs etc.

Had a very pleasant time reading out last mail today. I received yours of 29th April, 2nd and 10th June. I am glad you received my letters written from the hospital.

Lieut. Owen Smyth was one of the most popular officers in the 10th. I often used to have great yarns with him. I believe he went ashore on the first Tuesday to see about the transport work, when he was killed – he was on the beach at the time. His men have put a neat little cross over his grave.

All the cousins are here somewhere and going strong I believe. Bill Kelly is doing good work I hear. No parcels to hand yet although I received that half sovereign quite safely. We were paid one pound at Imbros, so I am well off.

Remember me to Vern Robley will you please. Lieut. Smith, our old officer took his place with the guns.

Hope you do well with your work for the returned men – they deserve it. Gaffney has had to have an arm off. We have had no further news of Crowie here. There are lots that aren’t reported, labelled as missing. Monks of the M.G.S. is a corporal now, and is still away. Moyse is in Alexandria. Fordham is away with a poisoned hand. Coffey, Jonah, DuRieu and myself are the only ones left of the old crowd. We are all in pretty good health. Everyone is nearly black with sun-burn and dirt.


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