Posted: July 6, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Well I have managed to score another envelope to keep me going. The men here are getting up to all sorts of dodges in making envelopes now. A book was given to me yesterday that had been in my pack. A fellow found it in the water, the only thing in my pack, a fortnight after we had landed here. Someone had evidently gone through the pack into the water.

We are still living in our dugout. Taken all round a decent dugout isn’t at all uncomfortable. Flies and rain, if we have any, are the chief troubles. Yesterday the Turks treated us to a few 11-2” shells, more of them went into the sea though, and sent up great sheets of spray and those that did hit the beach didn’t do any damage. Turkish prisoners state that all their officers stay behind in the trenches when an attack is on, and keep their men at it with machine guns. To get the men out of the trenches they stick a bayonet into them.


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