Gallipoli Peninsula

Posted: June 19, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

I have been back here three days now. We transferred from the “Seong Choon” to the “Osmanieh” at Lemnos, and came up here and landed at about 4a.m. It was a very different landing to the last one I made here. All the cliffs within our lines are one mass of  “dugouts”. You would imagine we were living in the cave-dwelling age again. A hole is dug about 4ft. each way in the side of a steep cliff, and it is “home”. We have to do all our cooking, except making tea, some of the fellows are fine cooks, and make even the despised bully beef edible. I was very glad to get back to all the boys again. You would be surprised how well they are all looking. Fellows, who before had long thin faces, now have regular full moons. There are a lot of gaps in the Company of course, but there are still a lot of old friends left. Coffey is looking well, DuRieu has been back a good while. Davey is looked upon as the luckiest man in the Company. One of his chief traits is to go out with parties and return to report the party as wiped out, and himself the sole survivor.

Sergeant Clark is in charge of our platoon, and I have our section now. The general programme here is, a day in the firing line, a day rest, a day support, and a day fatigue. This is repeated three times, and then the Company goes out into the dugouts in the rear for three day’s rest. We have splendid trenches here. I should say they would compare very favourably with European trenches. In fact to my mind, the whole campaign is like the other side. Things are very slack up this end of the firing line. Casualties are very infrequent. Major Lorenzo is in command of this Company, and we still have our old platoon Commander.

We have just heard that 75 bags of our mail was burnt, rather cheerful. Eh! So far since I have been here it has appeared to me more a picnic than a war. When all the hard work was done I was having an easy time in Cairo. Washing becomes a thing of the past now. For twelve days we live in the trenches in our clothes etc., and when we go out for a rest it is possible to get a swim at night. There is one big gun that shells the beach every day at regular times, known as “Beachy Bill”, some of the persistent guns are know as “Lazy Liz”, “Weary Willie” etc.

The 10th Battalion is having a week’s rest from the trenches now, we do fatigue etc. instead of the trench work. I am living in a very fine dugout which holds four of us – the old original four. I find that only parcels posted at letter rates, or registered get this far. Nothing heard of the last one you sent.

From Lance.


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