mess tin

Posted: May 21, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

I have quite a batch of photos to send you now. I hope you get them all, for some of them are pretty good. I am sending home the lid of the mess tin and the handkerchief that was in it. The flat edge of the tin was on my back, so you can see how close it went to me. DuRieu has gone to the Base Details Camp at Zeitown. My arm isn’t doing too well, it is getting very stiff, so I have to have it massaged every day. We have a very nice Matron here, she is Sister Quarterman from Victoria. Her brother was killed up at the Dardanelles.

  1. Jan Beare says:

    Hi Sarah, It seems that a bit of the story is missing. What is the significance of the mess tin. Maybe I missed a post. I look forward to reading them very much. Does the family still have the photos?
    Lance’s descriptions of scenery etc are great. Hope you’re well. Will talk soon. Love Jan

    • saraherhodes says:

      Hi Jan,
      The mess tin likely saved Lance’s life during the fighting on the 25th of April. So the post on 28th April might help you piece it together? Cousin Sam is working on the photos and has put a gallery on the site, we’ll then work at adding them to the relevant posts. It took a bit of preservation work to share them and some may be missing.
      All well here, hope you are too. Love Sarah

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