More news from the Dardanelles

Posted: May 2, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

A lot more wounded came in today. Most of them had lasted up till Wednesday night. We managed to get a little more news from them. All day Tuesday the Turks made tremendous efforts to regain ground, but our boys stuck it out. The Turks have a railway running right down the centre of the peninsular and can move ammunition, stores, troops and howitzers very rapidly. They started shelling us with 12 inch shells either with the Goebans guns planted on shore, or else from an armoured train. They dropped shells right into the field hospital on the beach. The 10th were just forming up and advancing up the cliffs when they got about 5 shells all along their line. There have been a number of bayonet charges but the Turks won’t wait, they run off squealing and grunting. There are a number of Germans there. The place is full of spies. The Germans get into our lines in our uniforms. In one case the Officer ordered them to cease fire, instantly the Turks advanced, and then our chaps opened up on the Officer and the Turks.

I have had quite a number of visitors today. Fellows from the 1st and 2nd Contingents Light Horse. Have just come across DuRieu. He lasted till Tuesday night, and had some very thrilling times; at one time he was completely surrounded by Turks. The Turks advanced by night, and an Officer (really a German spy) told them to let the Turks into their trench as they were Indians. They let them get within six feet and found them to be Turks. Yon has a slight wound in the neck. We also saw Davy who was hit on the head, and when seen was going to have it dressed, preparatory to entering the firing line again. The Heads all seem to be very pleased and proud of the Australians. Col. McClagen, our Brigadier, said he didn’t think the Australians had it in them after their Cairo experiences.

I heard the Submarine BX1 has sunk a couple of Turkish boats up in the Dardanelles. This is the sub. that I went over at Lemnos.

Don’t worry about me, my arm is very nearly well. The bullet went in the out-side and in an inch and out again, the two holes are within an inch of each other. I ought to be on the way to the Front again in a week easily – hope so any way.

Now Mother, no worrying, there are plenty of Mothers without anybody to worry over now, you know.

Yours as ever,

if punctured,


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