Wounded back in Egypt

Posted: May 1, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

We were taken off Friday afternoon. We came through in a Red Crescent train and had a great time.  Indian Orderlies and English nurses – it was a  treat to see them in their white uniforms. When we arrived in Heliopolis we were taken to the Palace Hotel in motor ambulances, and then sent on to the Skating Rink of Luna Park, as we are not serious cases. It was a treat to sleep in a bed with white sheets again, the first time for nine months. So far we have nothing to growl at, tucker and attention just the thing.

Have had my arm dressed more times today than for the whole of last week. There are a bevy of Australian nurses hovering round all the time, and this afternoon a lot of English women brought flowers, and papers, and writing materials. So far Cowan, Kinnish and myself have managed to keep together, but Mayman is at the Palace, his foot isn’t too good. I am afraid there aren’t many Officers and men of the 3rd Brigade left now somehow.

Cowen and I got leave for a couple of hours this afternoon. I sent a cable “Rhodes Gilberton, Adelaide; Slightly wounded fore-arm, also Frank side.” If you have not already received news of Crowie it will give you a little to work on. I wish I knew how he and Davy are. There are supposed to have been between 6 and 8,000 casualties, of which 600 are deaths. Pretty solid if its correct for about 24 hours fighting.

Tom Whyte was killed going ashore. You hear of so many being killed, and they turn up again.

All the chaps who have been wounded in the foot have been learning to hop. You can see chaps flying along a tremendous speed, hopping for dear life – just like a lot of kangaroos.

There is no such thing as quarter up at Dardanelles now. A Brigade Order said “ Take no prisoners let them all go – but not too far.” The Turks have been mutilating the dead – they are noted for their cruelty and barbarity.

One of our chaps was found dead with his rifle to his head. He had been hit “below the belt” and had committed suicide.  The pain was too much I suppose.


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