Evacuated to Alexandria

Posted: April 29, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Yesterday I put in the time writing up lists of men on board, their numbers and regiments. We expect to arrive in Alexandria about 2 p.m. We are all in the best of spirits. The worst of it is the uncertainty of how the other fellows got on. I saw Coffey about 9a.m. but didn’t hear a word of Jonah or DuRieu; Fordham was alright at 9 also. I wonder how old Frank is; there are about six boats with wounded on so he may be aboard one of them. I reckon about 3,000 casualties for the first day, or even more. We have two wounded Indians on board and two Turks. Young Prince is on board, he is shot in the foot also. Nearly all the wounded are hit on the left side. That is the side we were enfiladed from.

It is marvellous how one settles into a groove; we are living our life here quite happily – no one would think we had all just missed death by a miracle, and that half our friends had been shot down. There is no need to grieve though, because they have died the finest death possible. We have an English Doctor on board, and he has been serving amongst wounded since the war started; he says “I’ve never struck such a tough lot of fellows, no one seems to care a tuppeny dam”. “Tip top cobber thanks”, they answer every time. Others fall head over heels down stairs; there is an instant rush to their assistance, but they crawl off by themselves saying “it’s all right”.

Thursday night and we have arrived in Alexandria. The Dr. mustered us on deck, but another boat load have gone in ahead of us, and a hospital ship is already here, so we won’t get off tonight.


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