significant dates and regimental fleas

Posted: April 11, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Yesterday was a very slack day, no one went ashore. We fell in and did right and left turnings on board. It seems very ridiculous. We are about four hours steaming off action, and here we are doing the very first thing in drill.

I have had my hair cut short, my head is like a ball of very coarse sand-paper.

This afternoon I collected thirteen letters, two Mails, two Observers, a Register from Bonnie Muirhead, a Referee from Vic Clutterbuck, and two photo books from Harrington’s. I heard last night that there are going to be 400,000 troops operating on the Dardanelles. A whole lot of British regulars, Australians and New Zealanders, amounting to 30,000, 140,000 of Kitcheners Spring Army, French Zouanes, Turkos, and Cingalese.

The harbor is fairly full now, and I don’t think it will be long before a move is made. You don’t want to worry so much over my big worthless carcase. You mention —- letters.  He has been getting absolute —– over them.  His letters are very much exaggerated. As in the “Ascanius” collision he mentions his revolver and “picking his teeth”, also he talks about charging niggers and “spouting musketry”.  His letter was posted up and the whole ship fought for a place to read it. He had to forfeit his revolver though it. A lot of the fellows have been writing home grossly exaggerated letters. It nearly always reflects on them. Thanks for scarf and cap. The scarf is hardly necessary but the cap is very useful. You might send me a pocket atlas. I have felt the lack of geographical knowledge very much. Things you can never go wrong in sending are sox and illustrated papers. This afternoon a hydroplane passed over us.

Tom Whyte has just discovered that the 19th February was an important date. It was:

1. The commencement of the bombardment of the Dardanelles.
2. The return of the New Guinea Expedition Force.
3. We have been soldiering six months.
4. T.A Whyte’s birthday

Someone cut out an advertisement for fleas, offering 1/- per dozen.  It was posted up, and someone wrote underneath. “Troops are not to sell regimental fleas, as they may give information of our movements”.


Notes: the name of the person writing about the revolver was omitted; either because the name was illegible in the letters or because at the time of originally typing these letters some where damaged by silverfish and had words missing.

Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19140312


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