Posted: April 8, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

Today has been a lovely day, scarcely a ripple on the water, and a nice warm sun. I have been in charge of a boat’s crew all day. It is a very easy job, and was very nice this morning. After we had rowed all the troops ashore (I didn’t row, I steered) we had a swim. It was pretty cold, but very nice. The last couple of days the “Malda” has been along side. We are sending stores aboard her, and Head Quarters staff are transferring. Ray Wilson, Harold Eastoe, Tom Pollock, and several others are aboard her now with the A.M.C. fellows. Davenport came aboard last night and dug me up. He is a Lance Corporal in the Base Hospital and stays ashore.

Writing paper is getting very scarce, I am just about out.

All the horses are being taken aboard again. They are brought off from the shore in big pontoons and then they are slung and hoisted aboard by the winch. Most of them take it fairly quietly, but some of them object very much, you can see their four legs kicking at a great rate. They all look very pathetic objects hanging in a semicircle after the style of that sheep over Miller Anderson’s in Hindley Street.

The day I went ashore I heard quite a number of larks singing, we were lying in the cool grass and could just see these little birds, away up in the sky whistling like fun. It is very much like a canary whistling, only much prettier. A boat came in tonight flying the American flag. I believe she was caught outside somewhere by the Canopus, she was trying to get arms and ammunition through to the Turks. Several troopships have come in today, they are part of the 1st Division. One of the boats is the “Derflingen” a captured German merchantman. Lieut. Vernon Robley is seriously ill I am sorry to say. He has Rheumatic fever and Pneumonia. He is ashore in the hospital. He is suffering considerable pain, and seems to be pretty crook generally. He is awfully cut up about it.

Notes: A.M.C is the Army Medical Corps
Miller Anderson’s was a department store, image below from SA History Hub’s website:

Miller Anderson's department store

Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19140312


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