Good Friday – part 2

Posted: April 2, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

I wonder what you have all been doing today. We had church parade this morning, but have done nothing else since. I received those sox alright. It is as good as a present as you can send. Sox are very scarce – all my old ones are worn out.

Isn’t it rotten slipping down steps. All our steps below are very slippery and steep, and everyday some one falls down. As you say, it is funny for the onlooker. Several times our orderlies have fallen with a dish full of porridge, and nearly drowned fellows sitting below. Oh! The language !!!!

The River Nile was quite five miles from our camp although the Nile valley reached right up to the edge of the camp. All swimming in the river or canals was strictly prohibited. I don’t think you need trouble about a scarf for me yet awhile. The other one is still quite good, although I could certainly do with a pair of mittens and a balaklava cap, haven’t worn an abdominal belt yet, so don’t send any. I wish I had you all here, I would soon cheer you all up. Plenty of cold weather, green grass, fresh scenery, and fresh air. I will have to try and bring you all round here after.

There are a lot of surmises as to the duration of the War. Capt. Lorenzo our Adjutant, has stated that the war will be over by July. Hope he is right. I had a bit of hard luck with my watch today – dropped it and broke the spring, it was keeping perfect time.

You ought to read the battle of Mons up well in that History of yours. It is reckoned to be the biggest battle of the world. The British retreat was the finest fight ever put up. I don’t know wherever you got that rumour about Phil Robin from. He has never been so well in his life. He is an old Bank of Adelaide boy. Hope you had a good motor trip through the hills. It is going to be one of the first things I do when we arrive in Adelaide again. Crowie has just been showing some fellows that photos of me taken up at One Tree Hill with the rifle – One of them “Oh I know that girl – I’ve seen her round town, a big dark girl with brown skin. When they found out who it was, there was a great roar. Remember me to Doc. Randell will you. Tell him I have a tooth for him when I get back. Well I fancy I have answered all your letters. I have to go out on parade tomorrow, and will go ashore for the first time.


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