Port Mudros, Lemnos Island

Posted: March 23, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

You will see that we are still here, and are likely to stay for some time. Jam and condensed milk is very scarce on board this barge, or more to the point, it is unobtainable. When we were at the “Franconian” we found out that her canteen had a big stock of both articles on board at 6d. per tin – we bought up all we could with what money we had on us, but after we got back to the “Ionian” and the crowd got “wise” they simply mobbed us. Our next trip over we bought back over seventy tins of jam and milk. Ever since I have been rushed with commissions to buy milk and jam wherever possible. The last I got was from the H.M.S. Hussar. We don’t respect any boat you see.

Yesterday was very rough and awfully cold. We had to pull over the the 9th Battalion, and the weather was right on our beam, every now and then a wave would lop over and wet us through. There is a big snow capped mountain just at the extreme entrance of the Dardanelles and the wind blows right off this with freezing coldness. Today we didn’t go out at all because of the sea running.

I haven’t been feeling too good today. Got a bit of a sore throat and a boil on my neck. I only went to the doctor this morning, and got quite a shock when I was bandaged up all over my head – it looked very much as if I had actually seen action.

On Wednesday, the last time we went out there was one crew absolutely stranded. They left the ship at 8a.m. with troops and couldn’t get back. They got about half-way and kept getting washed away, so they hooked up to a boat for a spell. They started off and got washed further out, and hooked up to another boat further away still. Their next attempt took them to the “Hussar” about a mile astern of us, and there they had to stay. We went for War news in the afternoon and found them there, and as we were getting a pinnace to tow us back, gave them a rope. To cap their misfortune, on coming alongside, the pinnace took them right under one of the big water chutes from the engine room and everyone of them was nearly drowned. Tell me they didn’t rouse. It sent cold shivers down one’s spine to hear their curses.



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