The Dublin

Posted: March 21, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

We have had another quiet day today, but not so quiet as the last couple of days. The storm had abated sufficiently for us to venture out, we had to go round the other four ships in the Brigade and deliver orders, and then go up to the H.M.S. Hussar, flagship of the Harbor for war news.

Every day we go and get whatever news we can, which is typed out and posted up for the troops to read. All the morning salvage crews have been out picking up stray boats. There are seven missing from this old packet, and I counted at least 25 ashore, high and dry, some of them horribly battered about. One boat, the Franconian, has half a boat floating at the end of a rope, nearly all of one side has been stove in and carried away.

The boat that was thought to be the Sydney turned out to be the Dublin. They are very much alike although it is believed that the Sydney is somewhere around here. I have been spending an old time Sunday afternoon, lying down on the settee in out “state-room” reading and smoking. It is very nice I can tell you, and makes one wonder how long it will be before it will become a general affair.

I think everyone is tired of this waiting. The general desire is to either get on or get back. I am feeling very well and fit now, everyone is remarking how well I look. I suppose it is the semi-hard work and knocking about in the sun and open all day long in the boats. I suppose the rowing season will be just about over, close to the autumn Regatta I should say. Has Mr. Sharp been doing much this year? Remember me to him when you see him.


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