Destroyer – Phaeton

Posted: March 19, 2015 by saraherhodes in 1915

The weather has broken again as usual. We get about four days rough weather, followed by four days fine weather.

Yesterday morning we took the Brigadier over to the destroyer Phaeton to meet Sir Ian Hamilton. He is to command the troops in Turkey. There is general satisfaction expressed at his appointment. The Phaeton is one of the latest pattern torpedo boats. She is built to catch destroyers, and she is capable of 36 knots per hour. She took only one day to come from England to Marseilles where she picked up Sir Ian Hamilton and staff, and then she took two days from thence here. There are quite a crowd of celebrities to meet him. A couple of Admirals and three or four Generals, one being French. Towards night the weather increased to almost a gale. We had hardly got to bed – about 10p.m. – when we were called out to for the Adjutant and a couple of Interpreters ashore to the 9th Battalion. It was only a distance of about three miles, with the wind and tide against us. I suppose we left the Ionian at 10.30 well we didn’t get ashore till after 12 midnight. One minute we would be wildly tossing on the top of a wave and the next we would be wallowing in a smother of foam. We came back in fine style, but didn’t reach the ship till about 3a.m.

Today we have been let off all duties, and Tom Whyte and myself lived a life of luxury and ease all the morning. We kidded some of the fellows to bring our breakfast up to us, and we lay in bed till 11-30a.m., smoking and reading. We had a narrow escape with our berth. A library has been opened and this place was chosen for its room. By dint of much leg-pulling we were allowed to stay in here.


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