Promotion to Lance Corporal

Posted: January 30, 2015 by tripmanic in 1914

In a few days we will be rid of a few of our prize specimens. There are five out of this Company going back. I have to fix up their things tomorrow. It would be an awful disgrace to be cashiered from a regiment, now a days if an N.C.O. is reduced he doesn’t merely drop his stripes, they are pulled off him in front of the Battalion.

We have a thoroughly up-to-date picture show going on. Prices 4,3,2,1, piastres, They are showing views of the troops leaving Australia, and are very good.

We are getting our boots repaired officially now, I have a nice half inch sole on my boots.

I wish every day was a mail day. The fellows flock up from all directions, even the wet canteen.

It is nearly impossible to get a decent “table d’hotel” dinner at Cairo, nearly all light café luncheons, and what you get you have to pay for.

German trade has had a great hold here. German cutlery is used in the Cafes and Hotels, and it is generally of the cheap and nasty variety. Nearly all the better class business people are French, with a few Maltese, Italians and Greeks thrown in. They are quite a different class to the lot we see in Australia, especially the Greeks. My appointment for Lance Corporal came out today, but I have been acting for a long while.


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