On hair

Posted: January 25, 2015 by tripmanic in 1914

Have only just finished reading your fine long letter of 27/12/14. It is great getting such nice long letters. I wanted to keep all your letters, but find that before long I would need a fresh kit bag, so I burn them after reading them about a dozen times.

My hair has been the envy of the tent lately, it has got back to its old length again. I had it cut by one of our numerous native barbers the other day, and he made an awful muddle of it.

DuRieu has had trouble with his hair, it won’t grow, and when it sprouted a little, the centre of his hat has pressed it down, causing the rest to stick out on both sides. He looks like a wire mop on the booze.

The men are getting very restless, they are tired of Cairo, and want to get a move on to some other place.

I got four big letters this mail. You ought to see the anxious looks on the fellows faces as the bundle gradually sets smaller, as they are delivered, and there are none for them. Some of our fellows have had hardly a letter, mail after mail goes by with nary a one.


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