On leave again

Posted: January 20, 2015 by tripmanic in 1914

I have had leave again, and went to the zoo and took a few photos. I think the giraffes are easily the most attractive, they are such ungainly creatures. At one minute you may be looking at a shed, and the next you see a long neck stretching round about two corners. They can easily look over their shelter which is about 20 feet high.

Afterwards we all went to the Eden Palace Hotel for a hot bath, and then had out usual “ blow out” of poultry, fish etc. Then followed a trip to Luna Park. We got Davy on the Scenic Railway, and his eyes nearly dropped out.

Monday we went out to the Tiger’s Tooth, a place about five miles out, for shooting practice. We were shooting at 300 yards head and shoulder targets, the shooting was rather poor through out.

We have got quite a row of shops behind our tents now. There is a dry and wet canteen, fruit shop, two or three watch- makers, a curiosity shop, three barbers, a photographers, a tailor, and a picture show “ The Pyramids Cinema”. It is an immense place made of canvas laced to scaffold poles the interior is covered with brightly coloured designs, and looks most effective. I was fortunate enough to receive a letter from each of you, it is a treat getting them I can tell you. The fellows roll up quicker for letters than for “Cookhouse”.


Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19141208


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