Guard duty

Posted: January 12, 2015 by tripmanic in 1914

Have been on guard for the last 24 hours guarding prisoners with loaded rifle and 20 rounds of ball cartridges in reserve. This is fairly easy guard, being away from the general public.

About 9.30 last night our mail arrived, of course everyone got up for it. I received four letters and a paper. We will get regular service now I suppose.

I am glad to hear you have had some rain, although I suppose it will not do much good. You seem to be having a rough time, you will soon know what it is to go without a wash, like us. It seems unlikely that the Turks will give us a chance of a scrap, I wish they would, it would alter the monotonous camp routine.

Everyone was very quiet on Christmas Day, there is usually a deep silence for about half an our after letters are received.

Tomorrow we are to do some shooting, reveille sounds at 5.30, breakfast at 6 a.m., parade at 7. Tell me it won’t be cold and dark. You will hardly be able to imagine me awake all last night with the bitter cold, will you?


Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19141208


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