A lovely town

Posted: January 5, 2015 by tripmanic in 1914

We took an Electric Tram to Cairo and after a twenty minutes ride we arrived at this lovely town. There are some of the finest buildings I have ever seen; marble pillars etc. on every house. The place is beautifully clean, and such nice wide streets, that it is a paradise compared with Cairo. The New Zealanders are camped here.

There is a Luna Park fixed up, it must cover a couple of acres in extent. We all wandered round and tried all the side shows. We did the Scenic Railway five times – you get some lovely thrills on it. Then the water schute, maze, sliding tower, dungeons, in which you turn all manner of corners, and the floor shakes under you or gives way. Aunt Sally and an affair called Up and Down, you climb up and down various polished boards, and as a rule fall heels over head a dozen times before you are through it.

We had dinner and then went back to town. We went to the Kursall and saw some acrobats and dancers, the speaking parts were in French. You partake of refreshments and can smoke while the entertainment is going on.

On Sunday we were presented with a tin of chocolate inscribed “The Australian Expeditionary Force, from the Australian War Contingent Association, London. A Happy New Year to one and all”. We were also presented with knives, a single blade, bone handles knife with tin opener attached, not a bad affair at all. I spent the afternoon in my tent.


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