Posted: December 31, 2014 by tripmanic in 1914

You needn’t think I have changed my address, by the above. Yesterday we had leave and also money. We were paid all our back money. We decided to do ourselves well. We started with a hot plunge bath at the “Eden Palace Hotel” then went to the “Criterion Café” for tea dined on poultry and what not – charge 20 piastres. We then went through Shepherd’s Hotel. It is the hotel of Cairo, and is a splendidly appointed place. Rich carpets and drapings, Negro waiters in rich red uniforms with brass buttons all over them. This place is really reserved for Officers, but a quiet word with the Manager works wonders.

We had a good look over the best part of the town, and returned to camp in state in a taxi, after spending a very enjoyable time. We paid 15 paistres for three cups of very superior coffee – the cup is about the size of an egg cup.


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ColoniesMap1914 19141215


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