The Zoo

Posted: December 27, 2014 by tripmanic in 1914

I paid a visit to the zoo. The Giraffes are the chief attraction, big ungainly creatures they are. There are lovely rockeries and grottos with water splashing over them. There is a pretty little Tea Garden built on an island in a lake. It was beautifully cool and a band was playing near by which enhanced the attractiveness.

One of our Corps here has a big ugly bull dog for a mascot, and he is as playful as he is ugly. The other day he got loose and being in a playful mood gave chase to a nigger. Of course the native ran with the bull dog after him. It was very funny watching him rush round the tents with an abject look of terror on his face, his clothes flopping behind him, now and then a piece coming away in the dog’s teeth. The whole battalion looked on and roared.

Yesterday we marched in a new direction, instead of the monotonous desert, we worked along the top of the hills overlooking the valley of the Nile. It is a lovely view – all over wide plain are dotted little villages and great groves of palms, showing out in vivid greens, in pleasing contrast to the drab eternal sand.

During the morning drill we noticed a big flock of birds – a species of hawk – they were chasing a fox, and it was just about done, of course the crowd broke and joined in the chase with rifles, bayonets and stones until eventually he was caught and killed.

We all wear identification badges around our necks, so that a man can be identified if he is mutilated, and to prevent false reports of death. If a man is arrested by Military Police they look at this disc, thereby preventing his giving a false name.


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