Christmas Day

Posted: December 25, 2014 by tripmanic in 1914

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We got our Christmas present this morning – our first Australian Mail. I received letters dated Nov. 2nd, 3rd, and 29th. We went to church parade; we paraded by brigades, each brigade consisting of four battalions, so we don’t hear much.

I got the socks alright, thank you. I can tell you I was pleased to get the letters.

It is lovely day here, nice and sunshiny with a cool breeze blowing, quite different to our usually hot Christmas.

We have some natives building mess rooms here, they have only one tool, it is like a small adze with a hammer head at the back of it, they use it for everything except sawing.

Money is very scarce, fellows have come to bartering away things for oranges, etc. One bartered a knife for a couple of boxes of Turkish Delight, and is trying to get rid of a steel chain for oranges, but the native is not inclined to deal.

The whole camp nearly went mad over the letters. I hope you are receiving the post cards I am sending at various times.

I had a couple of coins given to me the other day, they are supposed to have been left in the Pyramids by the Romans, when they evaded Egypt; personally I think they are made in Birmingham.

On Saturday we had our weekly wash at the Baths, in the afternoon I went to town and visited the Museum. There is a splendid collection of antiquities there, Statues, Sarcophagui, Coins, Figures etc. it is well worth the trip. There are some lovely paintings on stone, they are beautifully coloured in reds, mostly pictures of Christ and the Apostles.

I received three cables, one from the combined families, one from the Rowing Club, and one from some friends. It cheers a chap up I can tell you, to know that people are thinking of you. The prizes for the Ascanius Sports were given out, I got a tobacco pouch and a pack of cards.


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