Posted: December 21, 2014 by tripmanic in 1914

All the afternoon we have had to ourselves, so I put in the time laying matting on the floor af the tent, and fixing up rifle racks etc. This matting is made by the natives, of plaited grass and straw, and forms a very nice floor on the sand. The Military Authorities are erecting big mess rooms for us here. In every direction you can see big frame-work buildings going up, it looks as if we are going to be here a long while. Every night we have heavy dews, it wets everything through and through.

The last few mornings we have been having heavy mists, you cannot see more than about 50 yards ahead of you, it looks very funny as it lifts, to see the hills with the Pyramids completely blocked out of view.

As the sun rises through the mist, it turns all colours. At one time it will be like a huge ball of blood.

We get very pretty sunsets too, especially of the clouds are any good.

The native ploughs are just the same as they wee in Biblical times, just as you see the illustrations in Family Bibles. They use a bent piece of wood with a bit of iron nailed to it, and harness a bullock or buffalo to it, rather different to our eighteen furrow plough.

We get our washing done by the natives. We pay 2 piastres and can send as much as we like. I haven’t had any back yet, but I believe they do it well.

The Y.M.C.A. are building fine reading rooms here. We are anxiously looking forward to receiving letters, it is two months since we sailed from Outer Harbor, so it is quite time we got a few letters.

I am getting rather tired of the town, the incessant jabber of the natives, everyone wanting to sell you post cards, cigarettes, or shine your boots. You may be sitting in a Café, when you feel your foot being gently pulled from under you by a dirty little Arab wanting to clean your boots.

Every morning we have to march a little further. I suppose we get out about five miles now, and then skirmish home.

The Egyptians are taking the English Protectorate very well, they are pleased to see us about the streets, and say “Saedo” (good day).


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